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Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

Wildlife Ecology and Conservation by Mundanthra Balakrishnan, published by the Scientific Publishers, Jodhpur/New Delhi (India), with a forward by Prof. Dr. Walter R. Erdelen, Former Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences, UNESCO is not just another book on wildlife; its primary focus is on education. Accordingly, its design reflects the series focus on “self-directed learning”, as pointed out in the preface at the beginning of the book by the series editor, Professor Anantanarayanan Raman of Charles Sturt University, Australia. The book […]

Floristic Composition, Structure and Regeneration …

ABSTRACT: This research focused on the floristic description and forest condition assessment comparisons of Achera Forest in Northwest Ethiopia. The floristic data were recorded from 20 x 20 m 30 sampling plots. Diameter at breast height, height and number of each species individuals were recorded from all plots. A total of 48 woody species, representing 41 genera and 25 families were recorded. The Fabaceae family was the richest (7 species) followed by Combretaceae (5 species) and Asclepiadaceae (4 species). Life-form […]

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Diversity, Relative Abundance and Habitat Association …

ABSTRACT: Species diversity, relative abundance and habitat association of rodents in Aquatimo forest patches and its adjacent farmlands were studied using Sherman live traps and snap traps. Four habitat types such as forest, bushland, grassland and farmland were considered for the present study. A total of 49 Sherman traps and 25 snap traps were used for the study, and 316 individuals were captured by live traps in 2352 trap nights, and 58 individuals by snap traps in 1200 trap nights. […]

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Population Status and Activity Pattern of Hamerkop …

ABSTRACT: A study on the population status and activity pattern of hamerkop (Scopus umbretta) was carried out along the shore of Lake Hora-Arsedi, Bishoftu, Ethiopia. Data were collected during the wet and dry seasons during 2013/2014. Point count method was used to study the population status. Repeated observations and focal animal sampling methods were used to study the activity patterns. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, and results were compared with Chi-square test and one way ANOVA. The difference in […]

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Isolation and Characterization of Some Dominant …

ABSTRACT: The current study was initiated to isolate and characterize yeasts from wet Arabica  coffee processing wastes for bioethanol production. Yeast isolates were collected from wet Arabica coffee processing effluent 1, effluent 2, effluent 3, pulp 1 and pulp 2. They were screened and characterized for ethanol production following their carbohydrate fermentation using standard methods. The selected ethanol producing isolates from pulp (ACP12) and effluent (ACE12) showed significantly high counts of 2.16 ± 1.00 x 108 and 1.21 ± 1.00 […]

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Diversity and Ecological Analysis of Vascular …

ABSTRACT: Vascular epiphyte diversity as well as ecology of epiphytes was studied in Gera Forest in southwestern Ethiopia at altitudes between 1600 and 2400 m a.s.l. Fifty sampling plots of 30 m x 30 m (4.5 ha) were surveyed in coffee and non-coffee forest for the purpose of data collection. Out of these, sixteen plots were recorded from non-coffee forest. A total of 59 species of vascular epiphytes were recorded. Out of these, 34 (59%) were holo-epiphytes, two (4%) were […]

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Evaluation of Antagonistic Activities of Trichoderma Isolates…

ABSTRACT: The study was initiated with the objective of controlling tomato wilt disease (Fusarium  xysporum) using Trichoderma isolates as biocontrol agents. F. oxysporum was isolated from  iseased tomato plants grown in five selected kebeles of Dugda Bora and Adami Tulu Jido-Kombolcha  oredas of the Central Rift Valley (CRV) region of Ethiopia. The pathogenicity of F. oxysporum was determined on three different tomato varieties namely Cochoro, Miya and Fetane that were grown in 20 cm plastic pots containing 3 kg of […]

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Durability of Ethiopian Bamboo Culms….

ABSTRACT: High susceptibility of the bamboo stems (culms) to biodeteriorating agents are among the major challenges in processing, value addition, marketing and rational utilization of the bamboo resource in Ethiopia. A study was conducted to investigate culms’ natural durability, treatability of bamboo culms with and effectiveness of damage control measures in controlling the biodeteriorating agents’ damage. Samples of Arundinaria alpina culms were collected from Hagere Selam, Injibara, Tikur Inchini and Masha sites.

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Artificial Propagation of Clarias Gariepinus…

ABSTRACT: Induced spawning of the African catfish (Clarias gariepinus) was successfully carried out using natural hormone (homoplastic hormone-pituitary extract from Clarias gariepinus). The study which was carried out at Bahir Dar Fisheries and Other Aquatic Life Research Centre lasted 78 days (June to October)…

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Plant Life Form Classification and Distribution…

ABSTRACT: A study focusing on altitudinal distribution of life forms of vascular plants was conducted in Suba Sebeta Forest, located 40 km west of Addis Ababa in Oromia National Regional State. The objective of the study was to document the life form composition of Suba Sebeta Forest based on life form spectrum. In the study, a systematic sampling method was employed to collect vegetation data from 48 (20 m x 20 m) plots. These entire quadrats included 16 (5 m […]

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