The BSE annual conference to be conducted in Addis Ababa

The 27th annual conference of the Biological SOciety of Ethiopia will be conducted in Addis Ababa with the Grand Theme of “Mainstreaming Biodiversity in Ethiopian Production Sectors: A Viable Strategy for Conserving Ethiopia’s Megadiversity” The Sub-thematic Topics include:

  • Status of Biodiversity conservation in Ethiopia
  • Role of Biodiversity for sustainable development
  • Role of research and education for use of biodiversity
  • Technology for biodiversity conservation
  • Access and benefits sharing of genetic recourses & implementation
  • The status of REDD+ project implementation and its benefit for forest ecosystems management Also
  • Any Biological or related topics can be submitted

The event will take place from 7 – 8 April 2017 in Harmony Hotel, Bole area.

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